Oliver and Dona "Last night I was at the Royal College of Music (London) for Oliver's final 4th year recital. He was brilliant - an exciting, balanced, fifty minute program which highlighted his skills and demonstrated his hard work and dedication.......and we both know it was you who put him on that path!

You are an extraordinary teacher and he is so lucky to have found you - so this email is big "Thank you" - for sharing your amazing talent, your technique and knowledge, for your patience and guidance and encouragement. Bravo, Sergei!

I am one very happy Mum, proud of my son's achievements, optimistic for his future, and eternally grateful to those who have helped mould him. Many thanks!!"



Georgina"Sergei, You've inspired me! Thanks for giving me the time to take me through all the percussion instruments. I realize 6 hours of PD workshop isn't long enough and that there is so much more to learn, but you imparted some very valuable knowledge that I  have already begun to use in my music classes. The grade 1 and 2 children have enjoyed the challenge of playing the claves and maracas properly, and while many still don't have it right they understand why they should play in particular way. Showing the children how to hold the mallets for their xylophone playing improved the sound immediately.

Your dept of knowledge and experience with percussion and music teaching is exceptional and I felt that the 6 hours I spent with you provided me with some of the best professional learning experiences I have ever had. I've learn so much about how to play the myriad of percussion instruments that are available and how to implement them into my music teaching. You were patient and encouraging with me and I can see how you would get the best out of your students. Thank you so much."

Georgina Wills, Wangaratta Primary School, Classroom Teacher


"...I would like to thank you, Sergei and Australian Percussion Academy most sincerely for the performance and workshop you presented to our Year 7 and 8 students last week. You captured their attention with your informative, animated and entertaining presentation and they were in awe of your amazing technical skill on range of percussion instruments.......Thank you for inspiring them to go and perform their own musical creations with energy and vitality. We look forward to having you visit our school again in the not too distant future. Kind regards."

Alison Bezaire, Director of Music, Tintern Grammar Schools


Dan"I took lessons/workshops with Sergei to expand my own percussion teaching knowledge and I have been so inspired! His enthusiasm immediately put me at ease and his years of experience certainly speed up the learning process by being 'to the point' but also thorough. Sergei's Xylophone book "Nice and Easy" is very clever in that it follows a logical progression but is fun for the beginner student and I would certainly recommend it. I am now able to explain mallet tuition in a more accessible (and successful) way to my own students - Thank you!"

Dan Slater - Percussion Teacher, Mater Christi and Ringwood North Primary School


"Dear Sergei,

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of participating in the APA Workshop earlier this week culminating in the most wonderful and inspiring experience, the Australia Day Concert 2012 at the Music Bowl. Congratulations on your success on the night and thank you for you tireless preparation.

As a mature age 64 year old music student who was first introduced to percussion and to reading percussion sheet music 5 days before the concert, the only way that I could have survived being thrust on stage, "front and centre", before a large audience on such an importance stage, was because of the inspiration of those wonderful young students of yours and your patience, guidance, utter professionalism and your wonderful smile, even when beats were not struck at the right time, mainly by me.

I was overwhelmed in the first few days of the workshop trying to keep up and I was on a very steep learning curve. Watching how the boys and girls in the group went about their assigned pieces, helped substantially by Andrew explaining to me the language of the sheet music, and supported by your patience, understanding and ability to communicate through your words and movements, the musical themes and concepts, culminated in a wonderful Concert climax which I will cherish for a long time. It has inspired me to continue to learn and hopefully participate again if the opportunity arises..."

With warm wishes

Henry Jolson QC